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Our Campus

Main Buildings

This school, situated on 25513 square meters, is set up on reliction of the Keelung River.  There are three main buildings named The Truth, The Goodness and The Beauty as well as administrative offices and activity center.   We are planning to modernize the school by expanding the campus to the nearby parking lot, where the library and more classrooms can be built.  In this way, we can upgraded many of our facilities and provide a better learning environment for every student.

The Grand Hall

The magnificent hall is what a visitor would see when he enters the school.  Along with the broad front yard, the hall is unequalled and can hardly be found in a college.

Gorgeous Learning Environment

Campus green coverage is planned properly , it is enough to offer teachers and students to study the environment well. This school has won the ten major environmental protection good performance school of the whole country, the flowers and trees of whole school are under all teacher"s treatment and irrigation on day of one"s life, have already brought up the quiet and beautiful environment, and each classroom corridor in front and at the back of collocating, corridor spend the platform, students" activity space is strengthened, let people feel like placing oneself in the midst of the park in the school, have really reached the realm that " the school is like the park ".

Modern Facilities

At the beginning reforming system, compile more than 20 million teaching equipment funds , substantiate the software and hardware equipment of high school, exclusive high school chemical classroom , language classroom become complete all, three information classroom amount to 150 brand-new computer, add the wide-band network, can offer students" study completely. There is use of computer , screen , single rifle projector in class" class, there is seeing and hearing teaching equipment of the TV in class" class, have already disposed when established; The heated swimming pool, there are music hall , classroom of metre in verse , the places of gymnasium , indoor basketball court, the person can spread heartily in one hundred ages .

Convenient Transportation

The school is close to MRT station and transport the bus network standing and extending in all direction in the sword pool , will not waste your time at all.